sadantes - Stephen A. Dantes: St. Lucian Poet, Novelist and Performer
Stephen A. Dantes. 2014 = Rebirth


 The Tourist Dollar - A SLP and UWP Story
by Stephen A. Dantes 

I fight the battles of men
in the shoes of a boy walking
in the shadows of ancestors who saw not this future

lost to babies born from bastard children
singing in slave shacks and sugar fields. 

Whips crack open the same spots;
The same lots offered to the same shades
and then forced to be laid upon;

Navel-strings find no roots, 
beaches reject bones; 
Birthrights sold to the same shades. 

Voices become
as is, 
and was,
but shouldn’t. 

Birthrights lost to the same shades
for the same reasons
in the same seasons;

When descendants of the reparatory rite see no Pigeons to Point to
The Workers’ Labour - painful and brute -
shall be colourful;
Genetic extinction.


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