One of our GREATEST achievements as an independent nation of 36yrs and going, is an UNENDING battle between Red and Yellow, juxtaposed with deteriorating healthcare institutions, amongst other things. We fight each other for Flambeau and Labour, when the real fight should be with our governments for failing miserably at providing a more efficient  Health System, a reliable Justice System, a functioning Welfare System, and the list goes on. Feb22 is gone, and long after our blue-yellow-black-&-white chants, people still die at our hospitals from lack of resources/treatment, people still wait hours on end for service, people still wait days and weeks and months on waiting lists. We are slowly becoming a nation of race and colour, affiliations and connections – a selfish people. Justice continues to flee from an understaffed court system as trusts of victims fade. Yet, we accept all these inefficiencies without much of a genuine fight. As a matter of fact, we quicker hold a fist to the jaw of a neighbour over the right interpretation of an archaic constitution needing amendments, instead of extending a hand to fellow countrymen in need. We praise two months of no murders, and ignore violent rapes against women in that same period as egregious as they are. Is the Independence, Saint Lucia? Are we such a nation? What is happening to us? What happened to us?