“…In an unjust man’s world, where wrong claims right, and righteousness means being right-ish, I pause and ponder. No longer can I use ignorance as the scapegoat in this reality, but surely must escape goats in a world where sheep is the preferred specimen. A plaintive bleat cares not for rumen but the feet it runs with. I see the goats in the eyes of sheep that I’ve been with. The same that I’ve dreamt with. You don’t realize how much kidding around you’ve been doing until you start speaking goat-language to those whom are used to discerning the rightness. I’ve been made to believe that my blackness needed some whiteness to assimilate. Metaphorical. So I stand here fight-less. Like a caged bird I sing flightless. Figurative. If you give them enough time you will see the barbaric genes of those purporting to be righteous. Literal. It’s a dog-eat-dog world soon as puppy-chow becomes scarce. Each man for himself. Each dog for itself…”