Truth be Told

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“So I lied the first time
And I feel like it was the worse line.
Maybe it was just a little lie
Or an in-between lie
You know ;
That type when you don’t-wanna-hurt-her-feelings lie?
But she got you feeling high
And all guilty inside
That you would rather hide what’s killing you, like a disease,
than to let the dust from the bad news rise. …”


by Stephen A. Dantes
excerpt from unpublished works. Do share.

Where de charge?

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“Dear Mr Prime Minister
Let’s take a walk with me through the 5-star kalabous
Where boug fous and bèl bougs are locked up in bèl views
Let’s make some bèl news
To sell clues and less truths
Where innocence is less used
You ain’t getting out yet
Who vex, lose
Where charges aren’t required, fig vèt blues
Polis sé mèt tjou
And they were mèt long before they met you…”



by Stephen A. Dantes – excerpt from upcoming eBook
Dedicated to all persons locked up at Bordelais without charge.
Human Rights violation is written all over the prison walls.

Full poem will be posted this summer when new eBooks are unveiled.

What is home becoming?

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After driving to and from work on Friday, I realized my brakes pedal was unusually free-flooring. But I was too sick to check it out. And didn’t want to, especially since the brakes was holding fine. Or so it seemed. This morning, since I’m feeling much better, and that cold shows signs of leaving, I go check on the car.

What I found was More