We’re in March – about 5 months since #CallOfDutyGhosts. My #boycott continues. #PowerToTheConsumer. How can Stephie and I pass a chalè on ppl without 4player local?

Yes she wants to play as a female character. And yes, I want her to be on my team to whoop some Call of Duty butt. But I ain’t spending money on a game that took away my favourite play mode.

Sorry #infinityward. Hello #treyarch. Let’s see if there’s gonna be #BlackOps3.

PS: I know #microsoft #xbox and all the ppl who claimed #DRM was the way to go are now thankful that #Titanfall was released in time to save the #Xbwèt #ONE.

As it relates to the above, I’m giving both #PS4 & #XBOXONE a year before I purchase either. Want all those bugs fixed first. My beef with Xbox was averted in time.