another thought

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“Shards lay upon the desperation of the morning
Pieces of it broken beyond oblivion
Scattered left to right, streamlined in the falling.
Desperation. Despair. Distraction.
Destruction of yesterday’s today.
Creation of tomorrow’s now.” sadantes2013

All means well

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When you believe that you’re alone
There’s always someone in the background staring on
In your moment of pride when you exude courage of old, and your colours fly,
Beyond your beauty and generosity, there may lie a distant hand, somewhere in the background
Silently praising and cheering you on.
And even though it seems or feels like you’re alone, all you have to do is turn around and you will see, right there with you, in the distance.
The completion of your perfect picture.


Lady on the street

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She glowed like a thousand universes pressure-fitted in a glass canister. So I stared. And the more I looked, I felt compassion. Then she spoke in a dazzling array of colorful language, yet as conspicuously silent as the poet in me lately; “Everyone has a story. Some are just more colorful than others.” sadantes2013


Thanks @allisonmack for the Tuesday inspiration which came in the form of this street art.

X and Y chromosomes

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If a man asks you, ‘Why did you not…?’, it is not a complaint. This is actually a request for you to furnish him with information so that he can draw his own conclusions or assumptions.
When a woman asks the same question, she doesn’t really want an answer. See she already knows it. All she wants to do is highlight that your pea-sized brain wasn’t able to fathom the repercussions of your actions, or in this case, inactions.