perfect day

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“we could be anywhere in the world, but we right here…”

Words with St. Lucian meanings

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“Assume (verb):
[pronounced, us-yoom…
proposed pronunciation, ass-u-me]

WORLD definition; to take to or upon oneself, to take as granted or true
LUCIAN definition; to make an ass out of you and me.

Related words;
Assu-mability (noun)
Assu-mable (adjective)
Assu-mably (adverb)

Oh Lucia how I love thee”


two lovers

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They laughed at the ignominious cooking debacle.

can’t sleep

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It’s amazing how sometimes time flies by so quickly.

let the poetry flow

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…Battered words drenched in sweat scattered | left to right wing liberalism,

I hate english

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If I can say; sad, sadder, saddest, then why can’t I say; bad, badder, baddest?


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“There is a difference between “unlawful” and “unethical”. Today, sadly, ethicality has no part in some justice systems.” sadantes 2011

the journey that’s life

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There are many roads to an unsuccessful life, but the shortest of them all is Envy.

the beauty therein

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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

new years

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California…? should I…? or not? This time I think I will show up… or will I?

damn banks

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I am beginning to hate Capital One. Why did I even think that they are the best bank in New York. Really….? Really…?REALLY??

Right now, I just want to close my account and sue. Yes I said it! I wanna sue for my measly 300 bucks.


Mordern Warfare 3

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Instead of writing, I’m here playing Call of Duty MW3. smh.

I’m supposed to be memorizing 2 poems for Saturday… dang

Thanks Bill, for XBOX360

interestly enough

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I work well with no one around. Today, I just can’t seem to get any work done. Gosh… sometimes I wish that I was just as ordinary as the average man who doesn’t care about art.

slacking off

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My brain seems to be finally suffering from trying to do the impossible. I feel like I can’t go on another hour. Yet… I have to. Have to give it all or nothing. Otherwise, I might just kiss this book dream goodbye.


new beginning

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Today marks a new year for me. I am officially 29 and a few hours counting. I don’t feel any older.
But I feel wiser… yes, wiser.
Thank you Lord, for another mercy.