December 2012 website statistics

2013 ushers in promise and purpose. We would like to thank everyone who supported Stephen A. Dantes in 2012. To those who own a copy of his novel, Is it Love?, we are please to tell you that two chapters from the second novel is available for download on the website. Use your code at the back of your book.

website visits for month of December

Website visits for 31 days in month of December. Average of 99 visitors per day.

To those of you who read his poetry and/or own a copy/copies of his eBooks, we would like to express sincere thanks for the support, however great or small. In as much as Stephen loves writing, the joy he gets when he puts pen to paper  or mic to stage for his fans, is unexplainable. You continue to inspire and motivate him to continue writing and performing. With each month that passes, website statistics show that his audience is expanding all over the world. THANK YOU!

website visitors and their country of origin for month of December

Website visitors, their country of origin and pages read in December.

This year, 2013, Stephen wants to release two publications (2nd novel, Is it Love Too?, and eBook, Jesus and Me) as well as embark on an Open Mic Tour of selected cities in North America during the summer, after which he plans to embrace a hiatus. This hiatus may be for one year, five years or ten.

Once again, we would like to thank you for supporting Stephen for over 10 years of writing. Last month he turned 30 on 12.12.12 and he wants to explore new directions in life. We encourage you to continue checking on his website for updates on whereabouts and random poems. Have a great 2013 and find a place for God in there.


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