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Website Launch Postponed


URGENT Notice:

I do apologize to all persons awaiting the launch of We have encountered difficulties beyond our control. We are therefore postponing the Jazz2014 launch. To artistes already signed on the Digital Music Store, that too is postponed.


Today, I found out that when your website hosting company says to you that your host is expired, they reserve the right to delete all files off their server in ONE WEEK without informing you. One darn week. 1 week. Yes, uno week. Not to mention, if it stays inactive for a month, they probably go all DOJ of you.

So today, I’m transferring all domains to a different company. To services, and all affiliated, I will subtly and graciously, NEVER use your services again.




miscellaneA performs live this Sunday

Photo by Jarron ‘Black Crayon’ Alexander [left to right – Drii, Stephen, Sawlty, AJ]

After their debut performance on Radio St. Lucia one week ago, miscellaneA gets ready to hit the stage for the first time.  The public who have been hearing the track ‘Freedom’s Voice’ with which the group was launched on February 20th, 2014,  will get to see who the group miscellaneA comprises of.

Adrian ‘Drii Notes’ Klein, Alex ‘Sawlty’ Klein, Arnold ‘AJ’ Jules and Stephen A. Dantes are four young men that will definitely stand out at their debut stage performance at the Saint Lucia Aid Concert, at Samaans Park, as they will contribute their talent and skills towards raising funds for the St. Lucia Red Cross, to aid the affected persons of the Trough of December 24th, 2013.


This group has been getting rave reviews from radio personalities and from a fan base that they are already starting to build in such a short space of time.

Positive lyrics, great vocals, creative musical arrangements, are what would describe, what the public should expect from miscellaneA. A music video is in the works for the hit track.