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It’s a February Affair.

After a disappearing act altogether from the man himself, Stephen started appearing on stages at different venues in St. Lucia, 2014. The latest on him this month; Stephen with his new music group finished their first track in studio and are releasing for independence.

HE also recorded two live performances for the DBS Television and was featured on the 90-minute show, Dolor Factor on DBS, with host Delia Dolor, alongside St. Lucian singer/songwriter, Michael Robinson, February 13th.

Stephen was busy at the Castries Central Library on Wednesday 19th in the company of some of St. Lucia’s seasoned writers like Kendall Hippolyte, spending some time with fans, reading, performing and reaching out to the community ahead of the country’s 35th Independence celebrations.



ON Saturday, February 22nd, Independence Day in St. Lucia, Stephen joins the celebrity list of artistes performing at the gala event at Beausejour Stadium in celebration of the country’s 35th independence. Activities include a culinary cookout in celebration of St. Lucia’s Nina Compton coming second on America’s Top Chef finals, Jèté Dance Competition finals, and a lot more. The entire island is invited. So be there.



February 2014, Castries, Saint Lucia – On the brink of Saint Lucia’s 35th anniversary of Independence, Jackie O presents ‘miscellaneA’!  As described by their name, the new group miscellaneA is a group of young men with varying talents in their own right.

This group includes Alex ‘Sawlty’ Klien, Adrian ‘Drii Notes’ Klien, Arnold ‘AJ’ Jules and Stephen Dantes.  After working with each of them individually and recognizing their talents, Jackie Cherebin-Weekes of Jackie O.  had a vision of them combining their talents to create a distinctive sound.  She encouraged them to come together and the first meeting was explosive as they instantly hit it off.  Since then, they have been working assiduously on creating musical sound beds and lyrics of spoken word, poetry and song.

After three weeks of creating, their first single ‘Freedom Voices’ was recorded at FourYa Studios with Producer, Werner ‘Semi’ Francis.  This track was written with the 35th Anniversary of Saint Lucia in mind.  ‘Freedom Voices’ suggests freedom from slavery, freedom from mental and spiritual boundaries, life’s challenges and giving inspiration for a unified way forward.  miscellaneA hopes to make an impact at this patriotic time to reflect the Independence theme “In Unity and Dedication for the Good of the Nation.”

These versatile and talented artistes, pride themselves on writing, composing and arranging their own music and together blending poetry, spoken word, rap and hip hop.  Their short term goals include a video production of their track ‘Freedom Voices’ and to continue working on new material to perform at the 2014 Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival.

Jackie O. envisions miscellanea as a group that will inspire the younger generation and act as role models for those that aspire to partake in the arts.


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