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Live this week at venues around St. Lucia

Just a quick update on performances for Independence celebrations:

Join Stephen live this Friday in Choiseul at the La Fargue playing field as he performs, “The Land, the People and the Bottle” and more…

Live this Thursday on Dolor Factor

dolor-factorJoin Stephen A. Dantes and Lorraine Debra Glace, this Thursday, Valentines day, on Dolor Factor Live with host Delia Dolor as they talk about LOVE.

DFL: “We’re celebrating Valentines with more…

First performance for 2013

stephen-dantes-feb-2013-performanceCome join Stephen A. Dantes on stage at Headphunk this month in celebration of Saint Lucia’s independence. Stephen should be performing two new poems, Ode to Love and Fair Helen, both available for reading on his website.

Fair Helen is dedicated to more…

Download 6 chapters of 1st novel

is-it-love-bookstoreStephen is revising the first novel and will be publishing a revised edition soon. As such, he has issued the first 6 revised chapters for you to download freely. Not 4, but 6. DOWNLOAD FREE CHAPTERS HERE.

We are positive that you will want to read more if you have not read the novel as yet, so be sure to check out the page to purchase your copy HERE. When you are done, please share with your friend.

Also, there is a code in book one that will allow you to read bonus chapters from second novel. So don’t be left out. Get yours today.

January Website Statistics

January website stats is out and we just want to say thank you for supporting Stephen. With an average of over one hundred and sixteen (116) daily visitors, the month of January brought 3612 website surfers from all over the world.

Top 10 countries to visit websites

Top 10 countries to visit websites

From that total, 222 visitors spent 30 minutes to one hour browsing and reading Stephen’s works. 47 visitors spent over an hour on the website.

Daily website visits for month of January 2013

Daily website visits for month of January 2013

We want to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE who showed and continue to show their support, especially surfers from Saint Lucia and the United States of America for their combined total of over 7000 page views. We will wait until the end of the year (Dec 2013) to post website statistics.