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Comic strip 4 and New cover for novel 2

Hey guys,

We have some good news for you.

1. Stephen just finished the 4th comic strip so be sure to check them all out by clicking here.


2. The graphic design for the cover of the second novel, the sequel to Is it Love?, will be unveiled on Nobel Laureate Day, January 23rd. Look out for that. Graphic designer, Gretel Fenold of GGraphics Company, did an excellent job on of capturing the essence of the story.


3.  The eBooks will retain the price of 99 cents throughout the first quarter of this year. Be sure to check them out.


December 2012 website statistics

2013 ushers in promise and purpose. We would like to thank everyone who supported Stephen A. Dantes in 2012. To those who own a copy of his novel, Is it Love?, we are please to tell you that two chapters from the second novel is available for download on the website. Use your code at the back of your book.

website visits for month of December

Website visits for 31 days in month of December. Average of 99 visitors per day.

To those of you who read his poetry and/or own a copy/copies of his eBooks, we would like to more…