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Last December Giveaway | Happy New Year

Hey guys,

Just wanna thank everyone for the continued support over the years. December 2012 saw an all-time-high record visits to my website. Have a Happy New Year and be sure to include God in your resolution. I have a gift for you this year end. Possibly my best and last love poem, ODE TO LOVE is now on my website for your reading pleasure. Do hope you find as much joy reading it as I did writing it. Once again, thanks and CLICK HERE for poem if you can’t access the above link.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, I have added my 2013 tour poster on website. Click Here to view it.

2 new eBooks

Two new eBooks were added to the December collection to end the month of eBook madness. They all are priced at 99 cents along with the others. Be sure to get you copy HERE.

Remember, there is a free Kindle app for your Blackberry, Android, PC, iPod, iPhone, Mac or iPad. All you need to do is download the app HERE and install on your device.
Next go over to Amazon and search for Stephen Dantes’ books or click HERE go to directly to the bookstore on his website.

2 bonus chapters from second novel

As promised, you are now receiving two excerpts from two chapters of the second novel; sequel to, Is it Love? – a triangle gone square.

Sequel answers all questions that you have.

For full excerpts, please more…

December eBook Madness!!!

December is Stephen’s birthday month. And since his birthday this year happens to be 12.12.12, we have decided to treat you to some insane price-slashing, even Stephen think it’s madness.Soul mates | Confessions of a Stoic


Firstly, the SOUL MATES CONFESSIONS series which generated and average of 700 reads every weekend for some time in 2011 is now only 99 cents. Yes, ninety-nine CENTS for December ONLY.


Unbelievable? Well get this. 9 out of 10 eBooks are all 99 cents. Check out the list below. And that’s not all. There are more literary goodies coming your way from the birthday boy.