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Performing at Creative Industries Launch

Government of St. Lucia through its Ministry is going to launch the Creative Industries at a gala event tomorrow Thursday 22nd in the heart of the city, Castries, from 3pm – 7pm. Performances will cover Dance, Drama, Poetry and Music by some of the best groups, artistes and bands on island.

Come take in a 4 minute performance from Stephen A. Dantes as 1 of 5 poets to grace the National stage at the Waterfront.

And be sure to check out the other amazing acts. Yes, “Ramen – Ambi” will be there, “St. Lucia we love – Mongstar” will be there, “Tjè Canmpèch – Cokes” will be there, and a whole lot more.

International Men’s Day performance

Join the men in St. Lucia in a march from the National complex, tomorrow Sunday in solidarity to a united cause, and walk to the Mindoo Philip Park.

There, about 1:30pm, Stephen Dantes will grace the main stage with a poetry performance to celebrate with you. Also, Stephen was selected as one of the “Men of the Month” in St. Lucia along with many other notable men like Dr. King, to commemorate the achievements those that deserve being noticed.

Come celebrate with the men of St. Lucia and be part of the global movement to mobilize men to take a manly stand in life on important issues such as fatherhood/parenthood, crime, abuse, poverty, etc…

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