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first time at Carleton University

Last night, at Carleton University, Stephen was encouraged to perform at a poetry SLAM organized by Ottawa’s leading poetry team,  Urban Legends – 3rd place winner of the  Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.

Reluctantly he did. And his lack of enthusiasm was evident in his first round. However, a performance of a shortened version of his poem “Where I’m From There Is No Freedom” in the last round, gave him the only perfect  score (10) for the night from one judge, with the rest  giving; 9.9, 9.8, 9.7 and 9.6. more…

in Time (dedication to families of 10/11)

in Time…

The cycle of life remains mysterious
to those of us who remain.
And with death; life is never the same again,
we never see fully with opened eyes
until we cross that great divide. more…

What if Juliet never met Romeo?

Read full poem below -: from the collection "Letters To My Son"

Her heart is Florentia after the brush laid thus
I am Palazzo Vecchio before Leonardo,
before Michelangelo, before Pisa and Siena.
I am the Eiffel Tower to her France,
her cri de coeur,
I écrire freedom where chanteurs fail,
where la historia imprison
and el amor is stained by the artista.

Read full poem here


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4 new books revealed

The graphics for the front covers of 4 upcoming books by Stephen have been unveiled.

The books are proposed to hit the Amazon eBook Store before year end. Stay in the ‘know’ by visiting HERE
eXiT mic sTiLL haNgiNg                       Soul mates | Confessions of a Stoic

poems – 2011
Jesus and Me

poems – 2011
Letters to My Son
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