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New York 15-min feature performance

The summer is over and Stephen managed to complete his novel in the nick of time. However, he is presently working on the second draft to be submitted to his team shortly. His “Soul mates…” series is getting much attention and we are in the negotiation phase of settling performance dates for 4 different spots in selected US states for his sensational poem, “Where I’m From There is no Freedom”.

One confirmed date is at the highly acclaimed poetry spot in Lower Manhattan New York; THE INSPIRED WORD, presented by Mike Geffner.

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Tomorrow is Forever: cover by Donallie and Stephen

Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner are two of country music’s prolific songwriters and superstars. In this 2011 flashback post, cousins Stephen A. Dantes and Donallie Charlemagne recorded this cover to the song ‘Tomorrow is Forever’ over the internet whilst the two were situated; one in St. Lucia and the other Canada. No copyright infringement intended here. This is only a celebration of talent.

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Stephen A. Dantes interviews living legend, Rick Wayne

Photo taken from Rick Wayne's Official website

In this flashback post of a 2007  interview, we present you with what Stephen regards as a legendary moment when the then 24yr-old sat down with one of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body-building friends and a St. Lucian-born superstar. Stephen is quoted as saying, “I was so excited that I forgot most of my research on him. However, I will herald this as my best interview ever.” more…

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