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Poem debut: “Where I’m From There Is NO Freedom”

Where I'm From There Is No Freedom

This Thursday, July 28th 2011, at SAAMANS PARK; Stephen A. Dantes debuts his freedom poem entitled, “Where I’m from There is NO Freedom” on the HEADPHUNK stage to commemorate Emancipation.

This poem is from a new book (Letters to my Son) that will be released SOON.
The following are excerpts from the poem:


"...I’m not anti-war, I am pro-peace, and if peace-treaties were chores,
I’d sign up first to do the duty, see I’m not one of those who say
if you are not with me you are against me
No, I’m not like those scholastic asses trying to find beauty in
the ugliness of it all, I wear my pride in my skin, I’m not like the
low self-esteemed trying to get rid of the melanin..."

"...I know a place where 9th Graders give grown men blow jobs to
support mothers who have no jobs; where a 10th grade boy cannot read
but can count every sister from his class who for the month did not bleed
I know sisters who have harvested so much seed but no fruit
that they have become live statistics of critical and mass,
like Bush endorsed their actions and upgraded their class..."
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