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My daughter’s 2nd poem

She introduced me to watermelons. I know it was supposed to be the other way around


MY DADDY; By Stephie-Ann Faith Allenyaw Dantes


My daddy is very bright

But he doesn’t sleep at night

He likes to play video game

And computer just the same

My daughter’s first poem

A father-daughter moment

RAPUNZEL; By Stephie-Ann Faith Allenyaw Dantes
(Daughter of Stephen Alexander Dantes)

Her eyes are pretty like a flower
And she is beautiful like a tiger
She’s cold like a shower
And her pet can change colours
In a very tall tower

Soul mates | Confessions of a Stoic (preview)

This series is from my new book, “Letters to My Son”, to be released this summer.  It is an indirect conversation between a man and a woman, moderated by friends and family, that seeks to qualify and quantify their love as well as define or re-define the term “soul mates”. Readers are left to decipher whether the poetic dialogue between these two past lovers qualifies them as the highly debated ‘mates for life’.

Each individual poem/conversation consists of 6, 10-line stanzas. Here is a 1-stanza preview of the premiere male, then female dialogue. more…

Lucian Chronicles

The month of April ended two days ago, but it didn’t go without leaving some presents. Stephen A. Dantes released four (4) eBooks in that month namely;
 – THE ALTER EGO and the last and most favoured by some readers,

Lucian Chronicles was so named as it is a documentation of Saint Lucian culture – Stephen’s home country. In this book, Stephen presents to readers what has shaped his culture and people, what continues to affect and influence change as well as perceptions of his fellowmen.

This eBook is available on both US Amazon stores and UK Stores. These four eBooks are part of a project called, Project 90days, where Mr. Dantes attempts to complete his novel and his premiere Spoken Word album in 90 literal days, though not consecutive.

For more up-to-date news, or even just a chance to find out what’s happening with him, you can visit this website regularly.