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The Love Doctor

The third release of 2011 is in. The Love Doctor is now seeing patients, who can make their appointments on both the UK Amazon and US Amazon Kindle offices.

The Love Doctor by Stephen A. DantesPatients can pay for the Love Doctor’s services with iPads, iPhones, iPods, PCs, MACs, Blackberrys and Androids. The Love Doctor promises and guarantees success in all examinations, so be sure to make that appointment.

And in the words of Linda “Chocolate” Berthier, “… Take a colourful musical journey of comedy, ‘Fairy-tale Love’, the experience of ‘One Stupid Phonecall’ and enlightenment in ‘Understanding Woman’, through the artistic exposure of this awesome poet’s experiences and creative, artistically expressed fictional thoughts. Every poem flows a rhythm, every line, a swing. Every page has its own depth that lures you into wanting more from “The Love Doctor”. …”

Call NOW!!!
Make your appointment with the Love Doctor.

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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

This is an excerpt from my 4th eBook for 2011 called, LUCIAN CHRONICLES. I hope you enjoy… Lucian style…

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Respondent #2
A mercenary chicken…? Is this proof or poof?
I did not hire any chicken to assassinate anyone.
If there is a plot to assassinate, it’s not me.

The Alter Ego

The second release of 2011 is in. Stephen A. Dantes is keeping to his promise. As proposed, this young author has released the second title for this year and is currently waiting for the Forewords for two other titles to be submitted.  Readers can purchase this eBook on both the UK and US Amazon Kindle Stores.

The Alter Ego by Stephen A. Dantes

Buy in UK Amazon
Buy in US Amazon

The eBook is for all Kindle Devices and Kindle Applications for; iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC, Mac, Blackberry and Android.

The Alter Ego is a collection of performance poems by Stephen, that embrace the African American genre of poetry, as well as the Afro-Caribbean styles. This is a must read for spoken word artistes.


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My trip to White Castle

I did go to White Castle after all, but it did not look anything like the one in Harold & Kumar… Sigh. Maybe it’s this one. I probably should have gone somewhere other than Manhattan. I saw no aura around the building.

So, I decided to have Dave & Buster’s instead and it was worth it. It wasn’t as good as the experience in Atlanta, but it was worth it.

Stephen Dantes' trip to White Castle, Manhattan

For the Penis.

“…And yes, Eve, you did take the apple, and
We did eat, but what’s that about us getting caught?
Of what? Of our love for woman and for support,
Or of stupidity as we chose the vagina over paradise?
Is it not both our faults? Yes, there was another, but who
Really is to be blamed for allowing him to come in between?…”

This poem will be in the book, LUCIAN CHRONICLES – 1. Look out for it. Coming soon!
It is a response to Felicia Montoute’s, “For The Vagina.”


“Valentine’s Curse” – poem preview

Critics say this is my best love poem of all time. Completed poem in upcoming eBook, “THE LOVE DOCTOR.”


“…Then the day is gone, and its back to love’s profound babble, and
back to cuddles wrapped between sheets of pleasure and
pain, burning passionate calories with strings strum,
pulling pride off skin with teeth, and become one
body, in twain, submerged in love, almost

As should have been the entire year – even on that day.
He sinks into her vulnerability, and she dives into his fear,
and the curse hibernates, and desires walk esoteric lines
without apprehension, until next Valentine’s, until their
love outplays each grace, and their fears become

An almost assassin.  They make memories fine, as much as
can be contained, and she smiles oceans – ostentatious
treasures from fountains within the mingle, and tangle
of twisted love calling out to be trusted love,
to a face that knows all love, but some…”

Unborn Speaks will be in “The Alter Ego”

I wrote this new poem called “Unborn Speaks” and I am in love with it. I know… I shouldn’t praise my own work, but this peace has lots of meaning and it explores a world of silent screams where babies say nothing, or at least we think.

Be sure to get a copy of that eBook when it comes out. There are many other titles that might capture your interest… I like another called, “Planning Life.”

Thank you Jesus… through the ages, you’ve pruned me and nurtured me.

PS; I think my last book – my exit from writting – will be called “He Called Me and I Didn’t Hear.”

Alter Ego manuscript is ready

Ok, I know I rushed this one and probably shortchanged the book in the interest of time, but I am still happy with what I am seeing before me. This is new book will be available in eBook format first and yes, it is a collection of poems that I have performed or intend to perform

I think I should have called it something performance… hehe.. anyway,  I’m happy this on is down.. have 1, 2 more eBooks and 1 novel to finish…. race against time..

Silent Defeat Bitter Confrontation

The first release of 2011 is in. Stephen A. Dantes has kept to his promise. This prolific young author proposes many more releases this year and also a new bookstore for his website as well which will provide pdf versions of books for iPad users for use in iBooks.

Silent Defeat Bitter Confrontation by Stephen A. DantesCurrently, books up for sale are for Kindle Devices and all Kindle Applications for; iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC, Mac, Blackberry and Android.

Purchase in UK Amazon Store here:
Purchase US Amazon Store here:

Silent Defeat Bitter Confrontation displays Stephen’s growth and satisfaction in the art form. It contains simple yet profound poems such as “Haiti”, “The Perfect Storm” and “A Mother’s Sacrifice”, to more complex but shorter ones like  “Silent Defeat”, “To Kill a Man You Do Not Know” and “Sorry Isn’t Enough.”

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