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Understanding Women

Why do women cry when they are sad
and cry when they are happy?
And why do they cry when they don’t
even know why they are crying?
Why do their ‘yes’ mean ‘no’,
and their ‘no’ mean ‘yes and no’?

Why does ‘nothing’ actually translate
to mean ‘something’ and ‘something’ is
‘nothing’ to you, but ‘everything’ to them
when ‘all things’ are ‘everything’
in their ‘nothing’ world?

Why is ‘forget it’ an invitation for inquiry,
yet inquiring only produces a ‘nothing’ or ‘it’s ok’,
or ‘you’ll not get it’ or ‘it doesn’t matter anymore’
or ‘fine’ or ‘I’m ok’, and when you do as they say,
they silently – or otherwise – punish, if you actually forget
it, make it trivial or not interrogate further?

Why is it at times they want to ‘hear’, ‘I love you’, and
when they do, it’s not enough, they want to ‘see’ it instead,
and when they ‘see’ it, it’s like you stopped ‘saying’ it, and
when you say it and show it, they find something wrong
about another thing which has no bearing on your love
for them or theirs for you, but they make the statement;
“If you loved me you wouldn’t do this, or that,
or you would do this, and that.”

Now, to a man, that can only translate as ‘fine’;
“We don’t do this or we do that, so then, that
must mean to her that we don’t love her.”
When you ask now, “why are you saying that I don’t
love you?” then she tells you, “that’s not what I meant.”

Like c’mon! That’s what you just said – “If you loved me, you…”
Eventually, all guys are left confused, and perplexed with
lots of questions that they dare not ask. Most have learnt
the key to understanding and dealing with women – never
try to read them, and agree even if it hurts.

PS: The only thing guys are certain about when it comes to women, is that

when you hear “WE NEED TO TALK”, that spells trouble.

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