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Veterans vs Youth – pt1

VETERANS vs YOUTH – part one

Over the years, we have been mystified by such hypocritical movements in St. Lucia which has infiltrated the most powerful ranks in the country, that most of us now follow-through with what was disseminated from our fathers. We join them in singing their songs and echo their choruses.

We do as they do and say as they say. We have become a product of their frustration and by-products of their selfishness. We epitomize their hunger for something better in absence of personal triumphs. We are stuck in between their quest for recognition and the operation damnation. We are the YOUTH, and according to them, we are nothing good. more…

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A star is not a star in Lucia

It grieves me that the people who are supposed to be promoting local Arts are busy with the works of regional and international artistes whom they consider phenominons. No one seems to realize that there was a startig point for all those persons and somewhere, somehow, it started in their own country.

In St. Lucia, if you are not internationally known, you are literally nothing. And even when you are known, it’s like, who cares? You are just a St. Lucian. You are not American or Jamaican. You are not intellectual or talented. more…

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April performances
April Performances

April Performances

It is my joy to tell you all that I really love performing. And though it is not the same all the time, I enjoy it regardless.

So this is just a poster with some of the dates that I will be performing on and the venues.

Just letting ya’ll know.  I know I said it already, I do it for love people.