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Website Launch Postponed


URGENT Notice:

I do apologize to all persons awaiting the launch of We have encountered difficulties beyond our control. We are therefore postponing the Jazz2014 launch. To artistes already signed on the Digital Music Store, that too is postponed.


Today, I found out that when your website hosting company says to you that your host is expired, they reserve the right to delete all files off their server in ONE WEEK without informing you. One darn week. 1 week. Yes, uno week. Not to mention, if it stays inactive for a month, they probably go all DOJ of you.

So today, I’m transferring all domains to a different company. To services, and all affiliated, I will subtly and graciously, NEVER use your services again.




Dear Xbox One [update]

Dear Microsoft/XboxOne,

I just want to say thank you for listening to my plea. I don’t know if you read my letter (Letter to Microsoft). And frankly, it doesn’t matter if you did or did not. What matters is that you listened to our voices and you changed your policy. News came to me via your portal (Xbox Wire – ONE update). Now, I feel comfortable with purchasing the ONE. I will still be monitoring further changes in policy, for example, “Backwards Compatibility”, and will be purchasing my console this holiday season.
I’m looking forward to playing Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty Ghosts.



Letter to Microsoft – Dear Xbox One




Dear Xbox One,

Let me first start off by identifying myself. My gamertag is sadantes. I currently have 17402(G) gamer points. And yes, I have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. In my more…

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International Men’s Day performance

Join the men in St. Lucia in a march from the National complex, tomorrow Sunday in solidarity to a united cause, and walk to the Mindoo Philip Park.

There, about 1:30pm, Stephen Dantes will grace the main stage with a poetry performance to celebrate with you. Also, Stephen was selected as one of the “Men of the Month” in St. Lucia along with many other notable men like Dr. King, to commemorate the achievements those that deserve being noticed.

Come celebrate with the men of St. Lucia and be part of the global movement to mobilize men to take a manly stand in life on important issues such as fatherhood/parenthood, crime, abuse, poverty, etc…

Creole Month giveaway

New Creole Chapbook available for download as a contribution to Creole Month. Four poems all written in Creole including the highly controversial social commentary, Misyé Gouvèdman, is included in the free package. More giveaways and eBook sales coming from next month.


KenwoodTravel interviews Stephen

…A recent interview with Stephen done by of the UK has been posted on their blog for customers and readers. Kenwood Travel offers affordable worldwide luxury package holidays, tailor made holidays, weddings, honeymoons or flights and flydrive; offering a range of different holiday destinations around the globe including the USA, Caribbean, Middle East, Far East, Indian Ocean and Australia..

After you have read the article and shared it on facebook, be sure to check out their services by browsing their entire website.

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RogersTV interviews Stephen

…..Certified relationship & sexuality therapist Rebecca Rosenblat of RogersTV chats with author Stephen Dantes on her show, Sex@11, to talk about his book “Is it Love?”. Click here to view and listen to the interview.

Most Outstanding Youth in Literary Arts 2011

Saturday April 21st, 2012, St. Lucia: The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports of St. Lucia awarded Mr. Stephen A. Dantes with the prestigious award of, “Most Outstanding Youth in Literary Arts” for his work for 2011. At the time of the award, he was in Canada promoting his novel, Is it Love?

Stephen’s 2011 literary collections amounts to 7 (1 novel published with AuthorHouse and 6 poetry eBooks with which brings his total collections of writing to 10. In addition to compiling his work into books, Stephen also performs poetry at venues wherever he is situated. Some places of performance include, New York, Ontario and his homeland St. Lucia.

Stephen finally holds the award after being absent for the ceremony
Stephen Dantes and Arnold Henry visit 3 schools down south

Tuesday May 15th, 2012; St. Lucia: The day started with a few hiccups. Due to unforeseen events, the two authors ended up being over an hour late for their visit of 4 schools. As a result, one of the schools, Choiseul Secondary School, had to be stricken off the list.

Posing with some students from Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary

Despite the more…

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Urban Legend Slam 2

We apologize to all fans who turned up to support Stephen last night, at the December 9th Urban Legends Slam. Although Stephen was present at the event, he arrived an hour late and as such could not participate. A faulty GPS was blamed.

You can catch Stephen on December 17th at the Mercury Lounge, Downtown.

first time at Carleton University

Last night, at Carleton University, Stephen was encouraged to perform at a poetry SLAM organized by Ottawa’s leading poetry team,  Urban Legends – 3rd place winner of the  Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.

Reluctantly he did. And his lack of enthusiasm was evident in his first round. However, a performance of a shortened version of his poem “Where I’m From There Is No Freedom” in the last round, gave him the only perfect  score (10) for the night from one judge, with the rest  giving; 9.9, 9.8, 9.7 and 9.6. more…

My daughter’s 2nd poem

She introduced me to watermelons. I know it was supposed to be the other way around


MY DADDY; By Stephie-Ann Faith Allenyaw Dantes


My daddy is very bright

But he doesn’t sleep at night

He likes to play video game

And computer just the same

My daughter’s first poem

A father-daughter moment

RAPUNZEL; By Stephie-Ann Faith Allenyaw Dantes
(Daughter of Stephen Alexander Dantes)

Her eyes are pretty like a flower
And she is beautiful like a tiger
She’s cold like a shower
And her pet can change colours
In a very tall tower

Soul mates | Confessions of a Stoic (preview)

This series is from my new book, “Letters to My Son”, to be released this summer.  It is an indirect conversation between a man and a woman, moderated by friends and family, that seeks to qualify and quantify their love as well as define or re-define the term “soul mates”. Readers are left to decipher whether the poetic dialogue between these two past lovers qualifies them as the highly debated ‘mates for life’.

Each individual poem/conversation consists of 6, 10-line stanzas. Here is a 1-stanza preview of the premiere male, then female dialogue. more…

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

This is an excerpt from my 4th eBook for 2011 called, LUCIAN CHRONICLES. I hope you enjoy… Lucian style…

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Respondent #2
A mercenary chicken…? Is this proof or poof?
I did not hire any chicken to assassinate anyone.
If there is a plot to assassinate, it’s not me.

My trip to White Castle

I did go to White Castle after all, but it did not look anything like the one in Harold & Kumar… Sigh. Maybe it’s this one. I probably should have gone somewhere other than Manhattan. I saw no aura around the building.

So, I decided to have Dave & Buster’s instead and it was worth it. It wasn’t as good as the experience in Atlanta, but it was worth it.

Stephen Dantes' trip to White Castle, Manhattan

For the Penis.

“…And yes, Eve, you did take the apple, and
We did eat, but what’s that about us getting caught?
Of what? Of our love for woman and for support,
Or of stupidity as we chose the vagina over paradise?
Is it not both our faults? Yes, there was another, but who
Really is to be blamed for allowing him to come in between?…”

This poem will be in the book, LUCIAN CHRONICLES – 1. Look out for it. Coming soon!
It is a response to Felicia Montoute’s, “For The Vagina.”


“Valentine’s Curse” – poem preview

Critics say this is my best love poem of all time. Completed poem in upcoming eBook, “THE LOVE DOCTOR.”


“…Then the day is gone, and its back to love’s profound babble, and
back to cuddles wrapped between sheets of pleasure and
pain, burning passionate calories with strings strum,
pulling pride off skin with teeth, and become one
body, in twain, submerged in love, almost

As should have been the entire year – even on that day.
He sinks into her vulnerability, and she dives into his fear,
and the curse hibernates, and desires walk esoteric lines
without apprehension, until next Valentine’s, until their
love outplays each grace, and their fears become

An almost assassin.  They make memories fine, as much as
can be contained, and she smiles oceans – ostentatious
treasures from fountains within the mingle, and tangle
of twisted love calling out to be trusted love,
to a face that knows all love, but some…”

Unborn Speaks will be in “The Alter Ego”

I wrote this new poem called “Unborn Speaks” and I am in love with it. I know… I shouldn’t praise my own work, but this peace has lots of meaning and it explores a world of silent screams where babies say nothing, or at least we think.

Be sure to get a copy of that eBook when it comes out. There are many other titles that might capture your interest… I like another called, “Planning Life.”

Thank you Jesus… through the ages, you’ve pruned me and nurtured me.

PS; I think my last book – my exit from writting – will be called “He Called Me and I Didn’t Hear.”

Alter Ego manuscript is ready

Ok, I know I rushed this one and probably shortchanged the book in the interest of time, but I am still happy with what I am seeing before me. This is new book will be available in eBook format first and yes, it is a collection of poems that I have performed or intend to perform

I think I should have called it something performance… hehe.. anyway,  I’m happy this on is down.. have 1, 2 more eBooks and 1 novel to finish…. race against time..