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VIOLATED by Stephen A. Dantes   She calls him rapist Age ten and she now knows what rape is. He robbed her of her innocence cause he’s racist. Now the news races on to pulpits in Sunday sermons as negro voices give praise to a deity with knees on floor mimicking reception of knighthood, but she faces a society that embraces the colour of skin over morality, one without a conscience – the only constant in her reality – and she is stripped down to the pride of her assets to make him the victim and...

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Ode to Love

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Ode to Love by Stephen A. Dantes   Life wants to measure you (love) by what I’m not willing to do. Instead, tell it to disprove you by what I have done, tell it to convince history that I’m wrong or tell the misery I feel in the guts of my fear that this isn’t real Tell it that ‘feel’ is just a heart misguided or that loneliness is not a broken heart that confided in a promise of possibility, a maybe , a probability.   When all else said, ‘the inevitable is what I do, and you are able to do more than I...

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Bitterness by Stephen A. Dantes I am not black, I just look that way; Her colour has a chrome sparkle in the sun and yet inside her, to deny one’s origin and be as stratified as her birth-land allowed her, she claims all races within but the blackness that’s outside her, on a skin tense as melanin disgusts pride, the same blackened-ness slapped on a soul that defines her, she feels more refined with a definition of freedom that’s whiter than the shame that describes her, or the beauty denied her. I am not poor she says, I...

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