6 – eXiT by Stephen A. Dantes

I almost lost my mind
to find reason and right
to understand reason and
right when the years add up
in age and the tears dry up to age
I taste the lips of karma as
bitter sweet as the passion
it once taunted me
with nakedness
a waistline connects
the lust of heartbreaks
a truth mistaken like
vows taken under moonlight
it tears me up
like pen ripping through sacred paper
my ink confesses
the mystery conceived in minds
that sway
back and
forward falling
into a calling not heard with ears
my eyes wander inwards
retracing footprints of
replacing the laces
in the corset of my soul
a desolate place remains in
that space I once visited
on grass green
on meadows irrigated
with sweat from the Divine
just as mine did make
a tingle
a sprinkle
a me-just-you mingle
I almost lost what I never had
as vivid as daylight in lily fields
with no pollen I spoke
a word too little
shorter than should
and you did as you always
little too
would I but call chance
and destiny to rescue intent
and wake me from
a slumber of wolves the
smell of which lingers in the air
and heavy
my lungs grasp for
a bit more than once before
and more as what remains of
my heart sounds
a beat of defeat
and yet a warriors shout
quickens my veins
I stand on my chest
as tall as my pride allows me
to reach and I grasp the last bit
of regret with my fingers
and digest the truth
of a lie that was absolute
a boy
in the shoes of a man
too rugged to polish
but my will fails me
and upon my face
I find solace
the smell of hardwood
and expensive veneer
reminds me of the reality
I chose this
I made this
I was pleased for a
time when I had escaped
my legs won’t dance
the music of my obsession
like it did
before I hugged
the floor unwillingly
and yet I smile
one reserved for innocence
that seeks no means
but justification
and dreams of happiness shared
if only but for a little while
as I thank the morning for the night
the years that were
a fool’s domain
cares taken for granted
fears waiting and wanted
running into forever
with feet facing
backwards glancing
I tried upwards
where the heavens flee
the day
a lie became the heart of me
parting the sea of my sorrows
with the rod of my doubt
and maybe never
I listen to the sound
of my heart beating,
shaking as violently as
the ghost my spirit saw
my ears on the hardwood welcomes
the vibration of promise
I am still alive
awaiting the eXiT
to say the last of my words
on a mic sTiLL haNgiNg.

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