Fair Helen  by Stephen A. Dantes
(Happy Independence Day Saint Lucia)


If I say that I knew you;
A gorgeous girl
Running the morning’s pride
Dancing to bird-music
Making nature gloat
At the oddest hour,
Would you believe?
That girl who dreamt
And once held,
Embraced the joy
Of the sunlight’s thrill
Bear-hugging worlds
As far apart as
Heaven molesting Earth or
Venus’ tango with Mars,
And she who remained
Young in old skin,
Yes, I knew her.
Tiny footprints tattooed with
Laughter on sandy fronts
And virgin green, lush,
Over hills and deep
Singing tweets, tweeting chirps
In rain and sun.
I remember her stares –
Her piercing
And searching – lit with
Pride reserved for diplomats,
Stripping naked
Making uneasy walks to
Stumble, then straight,
Even I have fallen
Obsessed with what was
Once, Or should,
As I can recall.
Oh fair maiden
Of lands bought with
Whips and chains
And battles,
7 times British and 7 French,
And coloured skin,
I remembered you
And yesterday,
And days gone when it seemed
Like I had forgotten,
Like I had given up
Or given in to another.
I know you
We once ran wild together
And I hid my face
Between your bosoms
Peaked for invite, and you
Welcomed with joy-tears sulphuric black
And temporal-
Ly confused,
Then offered me diamonds
As if I, myself,
Was a woman to be friended,
Or showed desperation
To be considered by you…
Maybe even loved.
I wanted more
I want more
More of the memories I have
Of you
And me
And us,
More of paradise.
My lust is beyond what can be
I need you, the you who
Once was ostentatious
And cared not,
The you who was tanned with tropical
And heavenly.
I remember you
And not those,
My love.
Oh, how I miss you.
And Now,
I’ve come back and
I want to run
And dance, oh sweet Helen,
And be intimate with you
One more time,
And make love like
My life depended,
Caress every crevice
And pluck every string.
I want you, Helen,
As will I endlessly,
And the day after;
My fair Helen,
Saint Lucia.


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