Where I’m from There is No Freedom by Stephen A. Dantes


I’m from an island where two Nobel laureates stand and
where democracy is free to find favour in the words of my soul’s place
But I live in a space where a mother’s face watches her son
bleed lifeless on streets in rivers of blood as she shouts
‘waaaaiiiiiit’ to reality, but the system screams ‘kill em!’


This world is inequality, and though disgusting,
I’m here to discuss it. And although I got a lot to learn,
there are some things that I believe I was born to teach it


Whilst other’s silently mask it, I look for the irony in it all like
women being pro-choice and leaving men with no voice,
when our only choice was being chose


I’m from a world where children are born but buried more,
and disparity thrives in this country, where infants rush to answer doorbells,
but in that country, infants rush to hide from bomb shells


Where families spend their life time looking for God but
end up doing the work of Satan, with pastors watching days that
aim to watch days when everything they say is so blatant

And in their words they forbid you to go to hell
but if you’ve been living in the ghetto
you definitely know that place all too well


Yet that’s not the only place where the fire stays burning and not only fire
can cause such moaning; even water lays claim when disaster strikes,
like Katrina, Tomas, and Irene, but not a drop can be drank as the rest of humanity dies


This world dies from hunger and dies of thirst literally
and figuratively whilst domesticated animals
pride themselves with three course meals and luxury


I’m from this world where nations feed natives dreams instead of meals and where slaves
are no longer slaves but surely are not free, where status quo dictates that we teach each other to dream their way into forgetting because anything differing from ‘has-to-be’ is automatically blasphemy


I’m from this Earth where oppression has set a stage for rage and
each cracked knuckle is a misspelt word in a world
where fists are writing as wars wage and gangsters act bastardly


I’m not anti-war, I am pro-peace, and if peace-treaties were chores
I’d sign up first to do the duty,
see I’m not one of those who say
if you are not with me you are against me

No, I’m not like those scholastic asses trying to find beauty in
the ugliness of it all, I wear my pride in my skin,  I’m not like the
low self-esteemed trying to get rid of the melanin


I’m genuine, but I live in an era where television sells visions
and schisms, sex is rated E for everyone and beauty can be
obtained through implants, transplants and surgery
Try me!

I know a place where 9th graders give grown men blow jobs to
support mothers who have no jobs, where a 10th grade boy cannot read
but can count every sister from his class who for the month did not bleed

I know sisters who have harvested so much seed but no fruit
that they become live statistics of critical and mass,
like Bush endorsed their actions and upgraded their class


Last I heard, this world had long passed the age of slavery yet armed forces prey on bravery
whilst the media tries to enslave me and desensitize violence by flashing graphic images
in our eyes and tells us if we choose not to watch them, then just change the station


I’m from a place that’s
synonymous with pain, a
cage where Diasporas are slain,


See I knew a brother, a father, a son
who was stabbed a few times in a church house,
whilst the Minister Elect avoided that street and took a next route

And as his blood soaked the church floor on which he lay, where
weeping mothers congregate on Sundays to ask God to make them fathers cause
daddies run away, his younger brother was being chastised for being gay

His family blamed psychology and hormones, but chronology exposed
history’s infidelity when the father-figure left when the womb was formed,
to woo the form of another, so mother was left to grow this man; a woman left to nurture a man


Yes I’m from this world where parent-nature as defined by the Great Book has
back-handed slap us, where fathers forsake families to
make families alienate families and cause our sons to attack us


A world where a people’s birthright is ripped from their mother’s suck like
tigers tearing flesh off beasts, yet ignore other predators with thick skins and twisted hearts,
just like man do – preying on their own for pleasure of self, sad but true


This is where I’m from and this is who I am, and where I’m from there is no freedom

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