Like Father Like Son by Stephen A. Dantes



Where does priority lie in this daunting place
Where does sanity lie in this haunting state
Of mind that has brought to knees brothers in streets of blood in time
As time itself greets no foe or friend
But lies in wait to search and find this damning fate?

Where does priority lie in this being called man
This man called father
This father with son who pockets guns to acquire gum-respect
Who must, lest none, father a son and become a father like his old man
A man with daytime dreams and nighttime schemes with fatherless hands
And Maybach sins
But wallet of slums?

Where does choice stand in the face of man
This man who counts money with dirt on hands
Chasing paper with drugs and gangs
Hangs over and family cringes and counts many a bodies and lives to none
This life, this one,
This knife
This gun?

Where does self and choice of this Adam-like son
Integrity and sanity of his Eve-like one
And voice transformed for mothers like that one
Who loves her sons
Hhis love for mom and love for self,
But love for none
Leaves her to father a man
As Eve’s father Adam’s and Adam’s run?



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