Fairy-tale Love by Stephen A. Dantes


Talk about the sweet type real type love;
That type of love to make you feel right love
And do right love, like sleeping at night dreaming
Of you type love, thinking of impossible things and
Wishing that I would be your shadow type love.

Yes, like the happily ever after, never falter, bright love,
Or the summertime, sunny sandy-beach, hot spring type love,
That type love to make me call you like ten times a day and spend hours
On the phone saying nothing type love, or waiting on which one of us is
Gonna hang up and say goodnight type love whilst listening to silence, type love.

Oh, that feel-right, look bright, miss like, a heart with
A rhythm beating with pulsating thumps at any recollection
Of treasured memories type love. Fight love; that type of love
To slap sense in any cynic who doubts hype love,
Or that Snow White type love to resurrect with a kiss type love,

That type love which restores from Sleeping Beauty slumber type
Love or make a princess fall in love with an Ogre type love
Or that Cinderella type love to lose a slipper and go searching
For the right love type love – yes, might love.
Oh! And don’t forget the night love – that insight love;

That one which sees with the heart and feels with
The soul type love, yeah, that type love that falls in love
With love on the first sight and stands tall on the second look
Type love. Not to forget the foolish type love, that type love to make
Me say stupid things like; I’m gonna do anything for you type love

Or I’m gonna cross the ocean for you,
Or climb the tallest mountain and even
Get you water from the deepest fountain
Or say that I would never hurt you
EVER, EVER type love.

Oh, how I’m in love with the notion of being in love,
Unconditional love or recreational love;
That sweaty, steamy, pompous, rhythmic, spasmodic type love,
That type love to make me fight for love, like loving then losing is not
An option, as opposed to having my cake and eat it too, type love.

I wish I could
Have that
Type love.



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