I Love You Enough for Both of Us by Stephen A. Dantes


I meant to send this earlier today, but I
kept on holding it back for some reason.
I didn’t know what to write then,
and I still don’t know now.

It’s a note to say that if we never be,
I loved you, I love you
and will love you enough
for the both of us’.


Why do I think of you every second of the day and
why do you seem to pervade my thoughts even
when I try desperately to keep you away,
and occupy myself with work and play and

Why does my heart beat faintly, then vigorously,
at the pleasant recollection of times spent together,
or why do I think the world of you when I have lost faith in
every woman that I know, irrespective of beauty or intellect,


And why do I need to think of you for the day to think well of
Myself, and why do I even think of you at all so much? Or, why
do I, a professed love-cynic, seem to have such raging emotions
towards you that I sometimes want to beat myself for, and

Why am I sitting in front of this computer trying to think of
what to write you – whether my true emotions will be typed into
this browser or whether I will say just enough, to not give too much
of me away to make me vulnerable to your effortless hold on me – or


Why is my affection so deep and why do I crave you
and want so much, and yet want so little at the same
time and why are words slipping my mind
when I try to find the perfect sentence, and

Why am I trying desperately to slow time,
to get the right letters to type to you now,
knowing that I am not doing a good job?
Or, why do I want to impress you at all and


Why do I want to change selfish me to
accommodate you, and be less of who I am
just to have more of you, and why don’t I have any
answers to the questions that I am asking? Or,

Why has everything, once so black and white,
become so multi-coloured, and why have you given love
new meaning and why am I taking so freaking long to type
what I feel when it can be uttered perfectly, with just one action,


And why is everything so crazy and why am I crazy about you,
why am I scared of trying hard and why I, afraid to try
want to, so selflessly, willingly and consciously, even in
the presence of all these fears and self-held principles, and

Why a man who claims to live by principle, has broken every idiosyncrasy
to have a little of you, why do I crave more and can’t have more, and why
do I need so much and yet still can’t show I do and, why haven’t my actions
shown my true feelings and why do I feel what I feel in such short time? Or,


Why in the first place did I start to talk to you about me, without knowing
anything about you, or who you are, and why am I now so speechless,
most times, or at a loss for words, and why do I want to be around you all the time,
but scared that that’s going to make me too weak for you, and why,

Why, why, why, Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
Why, with everything that I just said, I haven’t said anything
that my heart wants to say, why? Why do I, once devoid of affection,
love you so much enough for us both? Don’t call; but reply to this email.



Poem rated 4.78 stars by 119 people



Tricia: in every love poem I’ve read, this by far is the best. koodos to you Stephen. Continue writing for people like me
December 11th 2011

Alex: I love this poem… this is SOOOOO real!!!
March 9th 2011

C. H. Johnson: This poem is filled with emotion. So many people can relate to it. This is amazing. Keep it up. I will definitely be keeping an eye on your work.
December 8th 2010

Stephen A. Dantes: A student said to me, “sir, my mother loves that poem. She cried so much over it. She asked me to tell you thanks. She says that its exactly what she is going through now. So I just came to tell you thanks for my mom.” After the student said that to me, I really didnt know what to say. I know I have to keep on writing though. Thank you Lord, for the words.
October 1st 2010

Ally: why not call…..i know there’s a whole lot more where that came from,,,,,,
September 9th 2010

Yaxmine Jn Baptiste (May 27th 2010): Hey stephen. I sooo love this poem. Its so deep!!

Catheleen Dornelly (March 29th 2010): So many times we ask ourselves these very same questions hoping for the answers. I believe they lie within our hearts. Love it

Michele (January 9th 2010): OMG .. this is beautiful .. thank you for posting

Waynella Dantes (September 4th 2009): I really wonder who this poem was written for………….n i know she must have loved it…….

Cassandra Mitchel (September 1st 2009): It is said that a little of something is better than nothing at all or is it

Ana Cadasse (August 24th 2009): I’m in love with this poem. You are amazing!

Fendi Bags (August 17th 2009): That’s so much crap

Kewrina Cenac (August 16th 2009): wow wat love i love it wow its like wow i dont even hv any more words to say but wow

Necey (July 19th 2009): “I guess of none it was true”

Kedra Gray (May 24th 2009): “Oh my that was really heart felt… Another great poem Stephen”

Nadia Joseph (May 19th 2009): Hey, I really do love this poem.

Vern Justin (May 18th 2009): “Absolutely love it!”

Shauna (May 18th 2009): “Why because that’s why…….i love it enough for both of us. Doing great.”

Rhonda (May 18th 2009): “Very simple, yet accurate. Seems quite in keeping with how many people feel. I can certainly relate.
Good job!”

Denise (May 17th 2009): “Wonder who inspired this …”

Indi Ghandi (May 17th 2009): “I really like…rather love it”

Kimma Alphonse (May 17th 2009): Wow, I’m amused by ur poems Dantes. I love this poem.

Rebecca Didier (May 17th 2009): “Hmmmm…NICE!…the reason we lose the ones we want to keep…- ’cause we just can’t be open with our hearts can we, it’s the fear of others seeing our vulnerability. I would call it “TORN!” Love it!”

Elizabeth (May 17th 2009): Its great, keep on playing with your metaphors.

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