Is it Love? explores the complexity that is the human experience, through the eyes of the families impacted by the protagonist and his matriarchal, urban Caribbean family. It is a story about the human condition, as it extends beyond race, ethnicity, culture etc. and is poised rather, in a social, cultural, and personal context that takes you on a journey in the search for purpose; for meaning; and yes for love.


Stephen Dantes weaves a complicated web that leaves the reader pondering is it love, as they journey through the joys, the heartbreaks, feelings of abandonment, sorrow, grief, fear, betrayal and death.

The reader will be drawn to Greg’s struggle:

-to obtain his mother’s love, in their dysfunctional relationship, spawned by the unresolved abandonment issues she harbors from the loss of her love for his father.

-to reject Bernice, whose betrayal wounded him and left him feeling more deserted by his mother who likens his relationship with Bernice, the mother of his son, to that of his own dead beat father.

-to maintain his forbidden love for Larna against all odds, until that fate filled day which left him feeling abandoned, confused and unloved.


As each live their lives in isolation and secrecy, an unforeseen event reshapes their reality and brings them to the crossroads of life that changes them forever. And when it seemed like things could not get any worse, Greg’s grandmother, Brenda, reveals an age-old secret at the dawn of death.


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