Country Boys of Darban by Stephen A. Dantes

Boy you see
Life in de country
Can never be bigger dan we
As matter ah fact
Country life is de bess bess ting dat ever happen to me
Cause it accept me black black


I hear names dat make fun a people aready
But none like em names in Darban
Somewhere up by Saltibus City


Boy I tell you it have me
Funny, funny
I mus tell all you
Bout all dem names an name-creators too


See man like “Zego” is man of all men
He strong an kinda dumb
But he never stop talking
As if he have a rotor in he mout like “Shaul”
Who also is called “Bat Chew”
Cause he doh know words dat are few
But dat eh noting yet cause “Smell”, “Zegs”, “Blan” an “Léfan”
Dem brothers is top ting


Dem men funny, dumb, smart, everyting
An dey never stop joking or hurt people feeling
Ah mos times is dey dat giving
All we de names.
Dey subconsciously call it de name-giving games
Like “Mad Cock” and “I.D. Card Mad Cock”
Who look so much like each other
Different mother, different father
Yet we all tink dey is twin broda


Men like “Cashew” aka “Obs” aka “Nuts” who can never stop swearing
From “Boom”, “Fatso”, “Ratty”, “Eddoes”, “Froggy”, “Wrecking”, “Kayal”
To “LTD” aka “Like to drive” who can never ever stop driving
“Ole”, “Boolooks”, “Rabbit”, “Higrade”, “Zaza”, “Abool” to man like “Fori”
Who from times is Tet-Darban music man an qualify barber
Jus like “Boyz” who happens to be de smartest man from da savan
He make everyting wit he han
Me just na go ever andastan
Where he get his intelligence from


But still da eh noting yet
Cause now only better it get


De fellas names is somehow base on dey character
Some unlike others, is jus a bit more clearer
Like “Neigh Coocoon” with dem huge nose in which you could shelter
Or “Tibet” who each year seems to get shorter and shorter
Like “Fawoosh” who redefines savage an shyness
Or “As Movay” who jus has dat daring boldness wit prowess
He was also call “Power Rangers” once, wit he high flying stunts
Castigated like “Seemon” who could na keep up him pants
He always drive fas fas wit car, truck, bus
He jus ka by gas
Even man like “Wanted” is a legend in he own
Dead or alive is da motto some of his women hold


An some a de fellas eh mind to be called dem names
However, de bess part is when de res get up in flames
Of anger and start cursing at ya
Boy da is wa make me day, to see de ole confront de young culcha


From “Spider” better known as “Atlas”
To “French” also known as “Beefo”
Dey coulda kill you if dey find you an never ask
Cuss you up north to south an wait next day for you to pass
An doh even tink of facing “Kukum”
Or “Malcom X Mora” when he was alive
Cause dey visit mudda, fada, nenen an aunti first
An den you find out if you survive


Mos ah dem fellas eh like it I tell you
Ba we get good at hiding when we do what we do
An after long when curse cyan curse no more
You have nuffa dem men accept de Art of name calling in Darban like never before
So “Morso” aka “Talk” and “Paha” aka “Ora”
Dem brodas learn hard
Like “Zo Tabac”, “Baboon” “Coco Dasheen” and “Harry Porta”
Dey start paying respec bad
With much support from First Lady “Églancya”
Some ah dem ladies could care less what deh name stand for
Like “Cokes”, “Radio 100” aka “RCI” or “Bèfia”


Ba we respect da ladies so dats it for dem
I still have a few more names to mention
Like “Smitty”, “Ze-ay”, “Meddow”, “Bull”
All of whom are boys 2 men
“Psycho”, “Precious”, “Ahtooteer”, “Lapo”, and “Chiffon”
“Shabba”, “Cilop”, “Hamock”, “Bwet Zalimet” and “Laché Mouton”
“Tig”, “Eesho”, “Rolla”, “Borrow”, “Scooby”, “Sampy” aka “Lay Low”,
An nuff respect to one of us who pass away too early
Da bes of we bes; “Cord-la”


So some ah we fellas had more dan one name
Kinda like medals of honour to display our fame
Or infamy
Since our name calling encompassed morality, physique, social activity and infidelity


Boy I tell you de name calling ting was de bess part a me growing
Yes people, yes,
Dey used to call me “Lexin”, then “Taz”, “Top-ting” then “Slim”
Now, dey jus call me “Alé” which means go
Everybody else start going
Some coming to an fro
Except de ole people who stay to become a naming legend
All da boys leave to Castries, States, hotel, work
Then our friendship temporarily end


Till we meet again
To see man like “Zordorn” aka “Lapo Jel” who still dere,
Or “Yellow” who gone long long time to snow.
Even me cousin who come down every holiday to fete
Dey use to call “Dumbwé”, meaning dumpling, poor Valo
Even a share too visitors get
Dem too we look to meet
Whilst running da Darban river under our feet


We will remain
Da best fun under dis sun as our stories stay here

Country Boys,
Da country boys of Darban


Now, we have spring bottling water plant
To quench our thirst when we run out of laughter
Darban days
Me childhood days
De bes days.
Me life as a country boy
Was better in so many ways


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Gizell Henry-Yarde: I really like this poem, I always knew you had a great talent and you are really cut out for this. God Bless! R.I.P “Cord la”
January 7 2011 at 4:01pm

Sancha Glasgow: lol maddddddddddddddddddddddit love this one Stephen big up woy woy…hehe I proud….:)
December 7 2010 at 6:25pm

Kahlil “FATSO a.k.a RO” Glasgow (November 23 2010): u have a real talent…thanks for the big ups in the poem still…. stay on track dawg!

Kahlil “FATSO a.k.a RO” Glasgow (November 23 2010): yo….dis poem bad. Darban is de best no matter wat they say.boy u real talented!

Kateyez (June 14th 2010): hmmmm….interesting poem…love those names like zego,broda,fatso,boolooks n zegs

Dinyo (May 1st 2010): Darban (or rather Saltibus) has spat out her first literay forerunner, who
satirizes, but simultaneously conveys through this most exemplary poetical piece, the unremitting power of country (or the savan) unity, childhood memories, brotherly affection – which all he strives to cherish in his  poem, thus broadening literary ambit for young inspiring poets like Dinyo, st.lucian born poet from Jetrine aka Jedilone – congrats Dantes; and beware for Jedilone to spit him out, you guys will work together and devour the juicy mangoes from the tree of poetic, or rather, literary success

Kenitus Francis (March 10th 2010): nice work….

Donalie Charlemagne (March 7th 2010): Mr Dantes, words cannot explain how emotionally attached i am to this piece. Living and knowing of this place you mentioned uncovered a nostaligic thirst that only Darban can quench. Beautiful piece sir. Keep striving for GOLD! I have already forseen it!

Rebecca Miller (November 29th 2009): I like this poem. Great local vocab. quite hilarious and informative about our local boys! Five Stars!!

Ally (November 8th 2009): LOVE IT………..LOVE IT………..LOVE IT…….NOW THE LADYS TURN MAKE IT GOOD,,,,,,,,,

Shakiner Johnny (September 20th 2009): i really really enjoy this country boy poem.
Especially the name-calling. i can say too, that every community has its own name-calling thing. Correct me if i am wrong, but i did not see in the list of poems the “if yesterday was today and tomorrow…” something like that. I can remember it was read at the Choiseul Secondary School. I liked this one also.

Kendon (September 17th 2009): boy i couldn’t have said it better dats d best i’ve ever read .thanks to u bro slim d

Cassandra Mitchel (September 12th 2009): Brilliantly amusing

Tracey Trim (August 23rd 2009): Well you are full of talent Stephen and happy that you have brought back memories of Darban to young and old. Also to people like myself who live abroad. You certainly brought a broad smile to my face. I love your work. keep it up.

Beatrice (June 21st 2009): “Hi i really really enjoyed that one. Darban represent. Wish someone could do one about Jetrine the same way, cause country life is the best for sure. Keep up with the good work. Hope this one is printed somewhere in Darban that all who walk in can see and also for those to come in the future could see. Must say pretty good work. Loving it. All the best.”

Waynella Dantes (Apr 4th 2009): Honestly Speaking i don’t think that u ever wrote a piece that wasn’t brilliant. Yeah i know that the name i gave u 8+ yrs ago means to go but u know me i always like to dare u to do something that i know u never would do cause u love me too much!!!!!

Loresta Dantes (Mar 15th 2009): lol, lol
dat too mad 2 put out u no…liv our business inside…1 more thing i tell coco dasheen 4 u….lol

Chanel (Feb 28th 2009): OMG! no words can explain this one. almost towards the end is SAD… when everyone has/had to live.
however i have to say “another brilliant poem completed. like most of the names…lol
well i woulda call u LONG…lol

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