WAR (losing my senses) by Stephen A. Dantes



I see you through eyes that project my heart’s unspoken words
And speak silence to listening ears and sight into blind thoughts
Free flowing like birds
To some; beauty unravelled
Quintessence unprecedented
Ugliness hidden
The perfume of your body, your hair, your hand
Is unmistakable for I know you


The touch of your lips can be distinguished from a million kisses
The kiss of death, the sting of hate, mistaken fate
Then grievous wishes
Ephemeral pleasures stain your path
That of the beholder,
That one who holds you
Till the experience of a delayed aftermath


That tender voice shivers every bone and dislocates my joints
Then makes my heart skip beats
A word which subsequently explodes, too loud to contain the cries
Withal, I’m deaf to your pleas for a while and my eyes
Gaze at your visage with my ears still closed
Half expecting for you to become a croon again
A whisper that soothes me to sleep and my pride expose
With unspoken words


The taste of your flesh is for no man deserving
But men; the men you need to feed your greed for passion
Silhouettes in dim light emanated from a power struggle for your love
A battle that never ends
Multitudes want a piece of you, and some just want to make amends
Your beauty shatters like glass falling on diamond rocks of invention
Such as which has never been seen


That aroma that radiates from the essence of your presence
Lures others within your clasp
You grasp all you can to contain and sustain need
That desire to remain beautiful in the eyes of men
A smell that augments then deceives with its sweet sensation
A mellow fragrance
Hitherto shy to claim from a love dispensation


Your perfection disappears in my labyrinth of unforgotten days
Days you raped, murdered, maimed and crucified men
Days when
Time to you mattered not, but your splendour
The exsanguinations of the black, white and brown Diaspora
Dat ‘blodclat’ time uno rob me datta
Your stench beckons unfathomable revulsion
Despicable repulsion towards your tasteless creation
You disgust me from sight to touch
And your words are not egregious enough
So yes,
I may be losing my senses to say TO HELL WITH YOU!!!

But damn!
WAR is a woman that has put us through
Too much to keep glorifying her hands
Too many stains
Too much blood
Too much pain
And I know, only now, everybody understands
What the poem is about
WAR; a man’s conceit, a boy’s doubt
That woman we all selflessly abhor
But silently adore


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Chantal Moise (June 17th 2009): When I read this poem it caught me off GUARD. I go to V.B.S.S. and I see you smile all the time. Don’t let anything stand in your way. I love the poem great job.

Waynella Dantes (Apr 4th 2009): You know me i always think that ur love poems r about me… i well should …n i thought at first that it was about love. i had to read it four times to actually get it n when i id it actually gave me chills.The way u play with words is alluring. i have watched u grow baby n u have come a long way but alas u r there, the next Nobel laureate of St. Lucia.

Cato (Mar 14th 2009): War: This is a fine piece.Keep up the good work. You can set your eyes on the Nobel Prize. All the best

John Monrose (Mar 4th 2009): Great piece…keep doing what you doing best..:)

Kim Dauvergne (Mar 4th 2009): Beautiful Poem!!!! think i read it like 5 times….Kudos to you Dantes!!!

Jenesa (Mar 1st 2009): I really love this poem because it has a lot of meaning to it if you take time to understand it.

Shayne Ross (Feb 28th 2009): Love that poem Stephen…Its really deep the personification of war and the last stanza in particular has a deep loathing essence about…tight

Chanel (Feb 28th 2009): i enjoyed every bit of this poem… made lots of sense. i wish u the best as u cont’ using that GOD given talent and reach new heights. keep up the GOOD  job… and i’m looking forward to reading some more. peace.

Jeny Gaillard (Feb 27th 2009): Wow! I sat there reading this piece and the words touched me- not just touch me as in I felt moved but touch me in the sense that every line and sentense evoked a strange emotion. Good luck

Curtis Raphael (Feb 26th 2009): Very metaphorical and descriptive with a strong personification of war! Intriguing, fascinating and engaging. Thumbs up!

Andrea Antoine (Feb 25th 2009): There are not enuf words in existence to say how this poem has captured my heart.Truly…not enuf words to justify such masterpiece.The guy behind this poem is skillful…just the epitome of excellence.Continue keeping it real Stephen.I really enjoyed it – very interesting!THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CIAO

Emile Williams (Feb 24th 2009): this poem captures the quinessential depth of thoughts which provokes the hearts and minds of man to mirror the short comings of his reality wrapped in the beauty of his futile folly.

Laurencia Alleyne (Feb 24th 2009): well what can i say i am speechless like michael jackson. your poem always seems to leave me wanting for more really…

Lisa (Feb 23rd 2009): …through veiled eyes war can  be compared to a woman because one taste and u hook. knowin she no good it hard to explain but i get it and love it…

Clethianne (Feb 23rd 2009): could have felt my heart thumping against my chest, could have felt the words echoing in my ears. What a twist. You sure are good with words.. keep on the good work dantes. Bravo-hats off to you.

Kendon Tobierre (Feb 23rd 2009): it is more than a masterpiece. its bigger than life.

Manasha (Feb 23rd 2009): i must say i haven’t read a poem since Secondary school.since i havn’t read any of your poems prior to this one, i am not going to make any comparisons but i will say i enjoyed reading it. you are gifted.

Alvarez (Feb 23rd 2009): i like it. i like the way in which you decribe it giving it human characteristics. its good the contrast n compare, the use of literary devices is excelent. it good

Mervin Stephen (Feb 23rd 2009): it’s like more an more u get better ur greatness just keeps on building. the “WAR” was more than i expected really hard to understand the first time but read it a couple more times an really got it. keep it S.A.D

Ashlei Alexander (Feb 23rd 2009): was it me u were thinkin of in the first part of your poem ^_^ really is a masterpiece your words are filled with so much emotion that i can visualise the images perfectly in my mind..your writing style has my senses that makes me wonder should I be in WAR with you for alluring me ever so swiftly by your words?…

Reneata Dusauzay (Feb 22nd 2009): i have to admit i did think it was a love poem at first but wow towards the end it was really starting to make sense u know and i think this is truly amazing, great work.

Elizabeth Agard (Feb 22nd 2009): Love love love it

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