“… I will not impose my black mentality or chant freedom songs like brigands
standing on a Martin Luther King podium
proudly waving their wrist-less arms
to imitate a fist where hands should be,
nor will I indoctrinate, instigate or insinuate a revolution
as this world embraces economical, racial and sexual discrimination.
In an espousal of non-violence,
I will let history protest;
protest against segregation and oppression,
Stand for what Nelson Mandela slaved for,
die for what Malcolm X died for,
Sing of the freedom that Maya Angelou wrote for,
pray for the peace that Mother Theresa cared for,
rally the victory that Joan of Arc was hallowed for,
envision the dream that Barack Obama stands for,
embrace what Marcus Garvey hoped for:
“Chance has never yet satisfied the hope of a suffering people”.
Son, you must know Harriet Tubman; the “Moses of her people.”
I don’t want to impose, son,
But I need you to build character,
need you to learn to be man from woman
From woman to Tubman
From Tubman to inspiration for generations in my future and your future,
like Julius Caesar’s Cleopatra of her time …”

This is an excerpt from poem, The Man I Want You To be, off my eBook, Letters To My Son.


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