Stephen-Dantes-THE-MAN---THE-POETI Love The Way You Lie

the man | the poet



If I have wronged you for another’s sake

I pray the Lord to avenge your fate

But if it was no childish mistake

Or even, you drove me to this state

I asked of you to humbly take this as an apology,

my tears as empathy,

my cares as sympathy,

and my fears as the best of me submitting the rest of me,





To ask the better of you to forgive the moment

And let’s not be in bitter conflict with the less of me,

like the entanglement of a broken line – cut, then free.



You’re as bitter as this illusive means with no end –

that illusion we create to convince nature that we aren’t meant to die alone.


this still makes me,


and you,

just as normal as the stereotypical nouns and

racial pronouns used to make some seem profound

when we know it is never about finding,

nor keeping,

nor fostering unbreakable chains.

And don’t claim ‘so fond’ cause

those ponds of watery lies outweigh like pounds over world domination,

a sterling truth so ideal for population reduction

that it redefines reality as the power of nuclear currency

where life is the measure of blood dollars.

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