Ode to Love by Stephen A. Dantes

Life wants to measure you (love) by what I’m not willing to do.
tell it to disprove you by what I have done,
tell it to convince history that I’m wrong
or tell the misery I feel in the guts of my fear that this isn’t real
Tell it that ‘feel’ is just a heart misguided
or that loneliness is not a broken heart that confided in a promise of possibility,
a maybe ,
a probability.

When all else said, ‘the inevitable is what I do,
and you are able to do more than I have’,
let all else prove me wrong,
let all else prove that this song I sing
of you and me
under the cover of night,
bright in dark,
light in dead spark,
you in me in you in we;
let life speak for itself,
and I for me,
and my tear for me,
and my fear for me,
and my care for me,
and my submission of self for just maybe I have you fossilized in the walls of doubt,
in the what-if’s of the silent shouts heard from all else,
but you.

It is said that you are a verb,
not a noun,
And many a man may be fooled to think that one falls down
to get to you
And some come around
to witness you,

But let life tell its own part,
not mine,
For I see parts of speech more than I-do’s (verb)
Refined Like those that qualify I-do’s with tendency (adverb)
And those that modify to denote the quality and extent (adjective)
See some say sensation sends self sometimes searching somewhere (alliteration)
In places hidden like the ending of nowhere (simile)
Go there
And find the Higgs boson of you (metaphor)
In no-man’s land you will scream the truth in an ode to me (personification)
A man’s trash another’s treasure (cliché).

Swell-headed I know life is wrong
and all else is far from right
so as to specify a thing as distinct from self

See I’ve found you
And sacrifice was automatic
And my mind knew I had it before my heart could boast it felt you
Before your aroma escaped through the trapped doors of my unknowing
Before I voiced you in words anomalous
I knew

Even before my eyes saw
I knew
And when my eyes did see
I saw what none saw,
That same you buried under the makeup of life
and the shakeup of living
You of torn ego through archaic phyla in the Rolodex of emotions as experienced by all else,
I saw you
And I knew you

But time would be the enemy of you and me
And life would do as it did historically
And else would stand as rightful be
And we
Embroiled in a fight to keep
Just as we are convinced that maybe you and I, that
is, love and me, saw through eyes
not blinded by need or a
Xanadu of you

Time remains the enemy
To remind you of how unlucky you are to see the faces of men not true
And remind me of how lucky I am in your misfortune
This is an ode to you
A tune of forever
And if forever comes tomorrow
In you tomorrow never ends
You’re all I need to get bye.

We found each other
in a strange place
in an age of no faith
So I sing this ode to you
in a voice not yet cracked from puberty
in a heart abused with frailty
I voice this,
To you
To life
To else
To me
To time,
Under the cover of night,
bright in dark,
light in dead spark,
you in me in you in we


My ode to,

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