Is it Love? – novel preview

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Chapter 16: …   In a final attempt to persuade the love of her life to give her one more chance at love with him, she spoke as softly and clearly as she could. “Greg, you can have any other woman you want if you don’t want to have me alone. I wouldn’t mind, as long as you keep me as your home girl. I want to be yours and yours only. I don’t want any other man. All I need is for you to want me. I really don’t care if I am not the only one you date, but please, all I ask is one last chance.” Her desperation eclipsed her wisdom and she was prepared to accept second best. And...

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Is It Love? – synopsis

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Is it Love? explores the complexity that is the human experience, through the eyes of the families impacted by the protagonist and his matriarchal, urban Caribbean family. It is a story about the human condition, as it extends beyond race, ethnicity, culture etc. and is poised rather, in a social, cultural, and personal context that takes you on a journey in the search for purpose; for meaning; and yes for love.   Stephen Dantes weaves a complicated web that leaves the reader pondering is it love, as they journey through the joys, the heartbreaks, feelings of abandonment, sorrow,...

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