The Timeline

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The Timeline (dedicated to a friend)   A doctor’s idea of humour fills no empty cup of cheer For nothing is here, but fear. His one great deed Did all to kill me there – heartfelt. If near ever was a time to seek promises in Gods, Or that one we’re taught to be supreme, It is now. This is the cancer of my soul. And though literal I feel less whole than this psychotherapeutic wow – I refuse to shave my head And I refuse to tell. Well, I’ve told just one And before the day ends there may be another; A gathering of pity and sympathy that frankly emasculates me Like pulling my...

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Political Slaves

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POLITICAL SLAVES by Stephen A. Dantes (off upcoming eBook; Picking Up The Pieces)   This one is for the people out here trying to find heroes, but Looking in the direction of men riding in limos Those counting zeros that follow ones, in Euros, Whilst our unsung heroes sit around getting chemo’s.   Yes this is for the people Who can’t seem to move passed the red and yellow colours of clothes Those packing punches instead of pistols Left, right, left jabs cover gut stenches before it rises to their nose.   Yes, whilst he rose And she rose And they rose, And humanity becomes...

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